Please mark your calendar and come celebrate the 22nd Annual Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade of WNY.

Join us on Sunday June 23rd, 2024 for our 4th Annual UAW Locall 774 Gold Tournament at Chestnut Hill Golf Course.

Join us on Wednesday July 17th, 2024 from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Delegates from UAW Region 9 along with the other regions of the UAW came together at the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention at 12:00 PM Monday July 25, 2022 at Huntington Place.

The Convention opened with a prayer from Elder Herb Taylor of Local 34 Region 4 and the national anthem, following the presentation of the colors by the UAW Honor Guard.


Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready Tonawanda Engine!!


The Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade of WNY will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Saturday, August 20th!  On behalf of the planning committee, as well as the TEP Executive Staff and UAW Local 774 Leadership, we invite all to join us at the Niagara Square (Downtown Buffalo) for the annual parade and festival.