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The observance of Juneteenth is recognition of a profound milestone in our nation’s history.

A culture of belonging and caring for each other starts with each one of us.

Juneteenth is an annual celebration on June 19 marking the end of slavery in the United States.

By Rory L. Gamble CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS BELONG TO US ALL Look around your world these days. People are celebrating the diversity of who they are; what makes us all unique, wonderful people. For UAW members in the workplace and at home we live in a time when prejudices are no longer being tolerated, whether it is racial, ethnic, or sexual identity. We find ourselves living in a time where equality in the workplace and in our communities is valued more than it ever has.

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Brothers and sisters, 

In the news and in social media there is a movement that workers are more apt to join a union today than in the most recent years past.  But as we have all witnessed with google and amazon workers, the pressures and unfair conditions those employees endure while organizing is still in favor of the companies and corporations.  We need to level that playing field and regain union density in this country. 

May 2, 2021
all members of rwc 846


1. ALL MEMBERS – Make sure you signed & returned verification from the UAW Trust, if you don’t your spouse may not be covered