Strike Vote Set for August 23rd

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For more than 45 years, the Family Education Center has been a place where UAW members and their families come together for an experience that combines education with recreation. 

It’s a place to learn about our union, unlock ideas and build new friendships with other UAW families. 

Save the Date for the Local 774 Retiree Chapter Annual Summer Picnic: The Retiree Annual Summer Picnic will be held on Wednesday July 20, 2022 at Joseph’s Country Manor and Grove, 275 Columbia Avenue, Depew New York. Tickets will be available at retiree meetings and at the UAW Local 774 Union Hall between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. The last date to purchase Summer Picnic tickets is Wednesday, July 13 2022.

Detroit - During the 2019 Collective Bargaining with Stellantis, the UAW bargaining team fought hard for an enhanced profit sharing formula that more fairly distributed profit earnings based on the company's unique structure. Today’s announcement that eligible UAW Stellantis members will receive an eligible profit sharing amount of $14,670 is a reflection of the hard work and dedication UAW members bring toward the success of Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and RAM sales.

Detroit – “Through their negotiated contract, UAW members today received news that they will receive up to $10,250 in profit sharing. This benefit was achieved through collective bargaining and our UAW members have earned a share of the prosperity that their skill, hard work and dedication created. Our members should be proud during a challenging year at this achievement. We continue to talk to our local unions and General Motors about some of the unforeseen challenges UAW members faced this year.”
My sisters and brothers, This great union of ours and all of our UAW family, past and present, have a long and cherished legacy in fighting for the civil rights and equality of all Americans and all peoples of the world. It is one of the founding principles of our union and we have much to be proud about.