Golf tournament raises $6,715.90 for Variety Club

UAW Local 774 held The 4th Annual Golf Tournament on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at Chestnut Hill Golf Course to benefit The Variety Kids Telethon. In attendance, there were 26 foursomes and over a dozen volunteers.

Congratulations to the Tournament’s top-winning Foursome Zane Tester, Scott Bolender, Sean Albone, and Tyler Guild.

A special thank you to West Herr for again sponsoring the holes for the Tournament and to Paddock Chevrolet for sponsoring the hole-in-one prize.

Other Sponsors who made generous donations are Lipsitz, Green, Scime Cambria LLP, Confer Plastic Inc., AVI Food Systems, Russell’s Steak Chops and more, La Hacienda Brighton, Salvatore’s Hospitality, R.E. Kelly, Premier Wine & Spirits, The Grapevine, Franco’s Pizza, UAW Local 774 President Teddy Maldonado Jr., Vice President Douglas Seefeldt, Financial Secretary/Treasurer  John Orsini, Chair Trustee Jeanne LoHouse, Trustee Heather Grimmer, Shop Chairman Mike Grimmer, Member Shelby Misiak, Region 9 Servicing Rep Jimmy Lakeman, Region 9 Political /Retiree Rep Wence Valentin III, UAW Retired Workers Chapter and the UAW local 774 Committees Veterans, Community Service, Women’s, Conservation, Solidarity, Recreation and the Chaplaincy.

Due to our wonderful sponsors and membership, we have raised a total of $6,715.90 for the Variety Kids Telethon.