Brothers and sisters, 

In the news and in social media there is a movement that workers are more apt to join a union today than in the most recent years past.  But as we have all witnessed with google and amazon workers, the pressures and unfair conditions those employees endure while organizing is still in favor of the companies and corporations.  We need to level that playing field and regain union density in this country. 

  As we all have seen in our own work sites, in the recent flyers I have sent out about rallies for fair contracts and an amount of labor strikes going on in our organization and throughout the country, there is a strategic campaign by all companies and corporations to keep organized labor down.  Especially knowing that we may have the most labor friendly President since FDR. 

  This is our time to act.  We need to be contacting our Congress Members and U.S Senators to pass the PRO Act.  We need to get this information to our members and show them, even being organized presently, the PRO Act will help our cause as a movement, enhance our causes in the NLRB, and increase our presence and stature within the country.